Cancer astrology personality traits

In keeping with their nurturing personality, those born under this sign are a whiz with food. A hearty picnic in the park is heaven-on-earth to most Crabs. Cancers often find that a robust workout session is just the tonic for their touchy feelings. Team sports are always nice, since they offer a sense of community; water polo should be elemental to aquatic Crabs.

What are their team colors?

10 Things to Know About a Cancer! - ZODIAC TALK

The Moon is silver and white. Since Cancers have a tendency to be lazy, however, they may need someone to push them out the door. When it comes to the game of love, eager Crabs are devoted, romantic and able to get things going on their own. Crabs are wise to listen to their gut, since this sign rules the stomach. But are you a Cancer man or Cancer woman? The great strength of the Cancer-born is the tenacity with which they protect their loved ones. Read the Cancer daily horoscope.

Cancer Symbol, Element, Quality, and Planet The symbol of Cancer is the Crab, and much like this shelled little critter, Cancers are quick to retreat into their shells if it suits their mood. Following the flow of the tides, she can tell exactly what and how to do to accomplish her course well.


The Personality of a Cancer, Explained

She is a sweet heart for sure. At the first glance, Cancerian woman appearance could make you think that she needs to be taken care of. Her moods also change frequently; thus, sometimes you may wonder whether or not you can rely on her. Well, actually she is a dependable partner in life. Whether you are in a difficult situation for love, finances, or simply need a supportive hand, this lady will surely be the first one that suggests giving you assistance. Astrologically, Cancer shares a few similarities to its opposite sign Capricorn — women with this zodiac sign remain their power for a long period.

Cancer Sign Traits Overview

That energy source will later be used to outlast just about any adversary. So, the moment she decides to fight for something, get ready to see a warrior as she will go for a distance. In most cases, she will figure a peaceful way to help her avoid any kind of conflict or intense discussion. You will find an actual crab tends to move sideways when it senses something in danger, so does Cancer woman.

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You may think that making a Cancer woman angry takes a lot for effort; nonetheless, right at the moment she blows up, be careful. The reason behind this is because these folks have restrained their anger and innermost feelings. The truth is, they are ruled by a cardinal sign. Since Cancer is a water sign, ladies born under this sign get along well with men of water signs: Scorpio, Pisces, and fellow Cancer. In addition, the combination of Cancer woman and men of earth sign Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn has potential and can go smoothly for a long term.

Learn about the perfect match for Cancer woman in love now! Or, if her partner is an Aquarius or a Leo, then both need to work hard and show sympathy to each other to help the romance last long. All the characteristics of Cancer woman here at first may make other people feel pressured to deal with. For men who want to win the heart of this lady, remember to be very careful with everything you say and always get her back in most situations. She is sensitive and cannot adapt well with critics, so you must work harder to maintain the relationship.

Laura started the writing career in and began writing horoscope in Currently, she has joined the United21 for the Horoscope and Love Life categories. They are not like this all the time, though, because when that moon phase changes… another side may emerge. Deep down, Cancerians are fragile. It can be kinda exhausting….

Cancer Traits

Me now that Mars is in Cancer. Seriously, this star sign is drawn to water, well, like a crab to the sea.

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Beautifying their world. Cancerians are innately creative and imaginative, and love beautiful things. Maintaining intense friendships. As previously stated, Cancerians are intuitive people who know and keep your darkest secrets. They CBA with relationships which are just about fun or never go beyond skin-deep.

Cancer zodiac dates - When is Cancer zodiac?

They want to be as close and connected with those they love and like as possible. Bonking is an obsession. The hot tip for hot sex for Cancer is Capricorn. The crab and the sea-goat make an unusual pair, because Cancer is all creative and emosh whereas Cappy is all down-to-business and obsessed with practicalities. Both find in each other what they believe they lack, and this creates huge fascination and admiration.

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